About Us

At Lux Armoire, we believe in the power of women. Our products are all about you, and what you bring to the world.

Lux Armoire is handcrafted artisan ear jewelry. Each piece is made by a female artisan living in Kenya, creating an opportunity for her to earn a sustainable income. Handmade means each piece is unique—you'll be walking around with your own statement piece that no one else has!

In addition to being handmade, Lux Armoire pieces are also lightweight, so they won't weigh your lobes down. They're available in brass or sterling silver, so whether you want soft glamour or rock-goddess flair, there's an option that fits your aesthetic!

We know you're going to love this line as much as we do. It's all about making you feel seen and heard—and making sure that your purchases help someone else make their dreams come true too!